Falagh Railway Services & Construction Co

Affiliated to IRI Railway Personnel Saving Fund

Add.: 4th floor, No.73, Jamalzade intersection, Nosrat St., north Kargar St., Tehran , I.R.IRAN 

Postal code: 1418853614   ;   tel.: +98 21 66122596, 66122592

Fax: +98 21 66123114

Website: www.falaghco.ir; email: info@falaghco.ir


A contractor company with following scope of activities

Railway and buildings maintenance services (railway and subway)

Buildings and installations maintenance

Constructing and improving substructure and superstructure of rail and road technical lines and constructions

Constructing concrete slab track lines

Projects for constructing residential and industrial buildings


Contractor qualification certificate in road and transport and constructions and buildings

ISO 9001; 2015

Contractors safety qualification certificate

Company records

Fars and Qom railways lines maintenance 1500 km

Construction of more than 50000 m2 residential buildings around the nation

Rail underpass on railway lines (6 units)

Constructing superstructure for railway lines in Qom and Yazd

Welding rail joints in railway regions

Workshop consultation and supervision services in railway level

Implementing concrete slab track in Tehran railway